Yasushi Watanabe

Born in 1977 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Living in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Current position

  • Representative Director of Caeru Inc.
  • Director, Hofstede Insights Japan

Short biography

  • I graduated from the Faculty of Literature, Keio University.
  • I graduated from the Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University
  • I joined Sony Corporation after graduate school and spent seven years in charge of marketing digital cameras and video cameras. After working in the UK for about 3 years, I transferred to Boston Consulting Group.
  • I worked as a consultant/project leader for four years at BCG Tokyo office. After that, I started my own business.


  • MBTI Certified Users
  • CTI Co-Active Coach (CPCC | Certified Professional Co-active Coach)
  • Participation in the CTI Co-Active Leadership Program
  • ORSCC (Organization & Relationship Systems Certified Coach)
  • TLC (Total Leadership Circle) Certified Practitioner

Who am I?

  • I’ve been working for years as a consultant in the organizational development field.
  • Intellectual curiosity is the most important thing in life.
  • For me, working is the way that I can provide something meaningful to society.
  • I want to have a life balancing mind and body.
  • I practice Ashtanga Yoga in daily-base and meditate in the mountains once a year.

Past experiences

  • Before establishing Caeru Inc.

    I was a management consultant at BCG.

    The most impressive project was reforming a marketing organization of a major automobile company. It was more of an organizational reform project than a strategy one, but it was very worthwhile for me.

    The foreign senior managements had strong distrust with their marketing department because the output of marketing spending was too poorly reported to them. So the purpose of the project was to standardise the marketing planning and budget management. Naturally, department members were hostile to the project. It was quite difficult to acquire the trust of marketing members.

    However, in the process of simply listening to the conversation and continuing the dialogue, the motivation of the marketing members was ignited. It was impressive that the client began to work on the project as his own as a result.
  • Emerging country projects were also interesting.

    As a project member, I visited local factories and dealers in India and Indonesia. It was an exciting project that involved interviewing locals and uncovering a dealer network that no one else knew about.
  • Before BCG

    I worked in marketing at Sony. This is where I was taught the nuts and bolts of how to work in a corporate organization. I joined Sony to start a career in global marketing. I had experiences to work as a marketer in the Japanese and European market. I also had experiences to work for Asian sales companies.

    It was also a great opportunity to get a first-hand feel of the best practices in marketing in manufacturers.

    During the market introduction of the high-definition camera, I had a chance to witness the implementation of a large, enthusiastic project. I was able to work with leaders who motivated various people inside the company. That’s the source of the interest in organizational and leadership influence, that continues today.
  • Before Sony

    I was doing research on consumer behaviour at the graduate school of Keio SFC. I liked to use multivariate analysis while working with research topics such as NPO marketing and postmodern marketing.

    I was in the Faculty of Letters at Keio University, where I studied pedagogy and cognitive psychology. Also, the time invested in the English debate is long.

What I want to do now

  • I want my consulting to be focused on “people and organizations changing”.

    To create a practical methodology for people to grow throughout their work To work and live with high motivation To maintain good relationships with others To revitalize the organization and create sustainable economic activities.
  • I would like to acquire practical methodologies to harmonize mind and body, individual and society, and to share them with others.

    Work is important, but I feel that in East Asia, the harmony between work and private is not well.

    I feel that yoga and meditation are very good methodologies for restoring harmony. Highly recommended, especially for business owners.
  • I want to practice a diet that is both tasty and healthy and spread it to others.

  • In the middle of a changing world, I want to keep doing new and meaningful things with my colleagues.